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Join Dr. Axe & Friends For An Intimate, 1-Day Private Workshop Full Of Hands-On Breakout sessions, Hot Seats, & Brainstorming with Entrepreneurs Who Have Solved The Problems You Are Facing & Can MASSIVELY Accelerate Your Journey...




*IMPORTANT: Limited to 17 Tickets Only

As Iron Sharpens Iron, So One Person Sharpens Another. Proverbs 27:17

If you are done being stuck...

If you crave like-minded community that shares your values and can support your vision...

If you want to easily avoid pitfalls, traps, and time-consuming painful mistakes by learning from mentors who have been there already...

This 1 Day Private Mastermind Event With Dr. Axe Is For You.

10 years ago I was in full-time practice, tired, exhausted and feeling like I wasn’t fulfilling my calling in the world. I felt like I was meant to do more.

I knew God had a bigger plan for me to play in changing the health of the world. 

I spent most of my time dealing with staff turnover, trying to “figure out” the strategies that made businesses successful, constantly putting out fires, and a regular cycle of burnout because I was trying to do it all.

To get where I wanted to go, I knew I needed to find mentors to show me the way.

That is when I met a group of men including a couple you might be familiar with. John Maxwell, Michael Hyatt, Dave Ramsey and my current business partner Jordan Rubin. 

They taught me the things I needed to do to take my business (and my life for that matter) to a whole new level. 

1.  I got incredibly clear on the VISION of what I wanted to create. So clear that I was already there in my head.

2.  I spent less time checking off boxes and more time focusing on strategy. How did I do that? I hired people who were the opposite of me, so that I could work in my greatest area of strength. I did less, and led more.

3.  I got around like-minded people who pushed me to be better, encouraged me, gave me suggestions, and wouldn't let me settle for anything less than the best. 

4.  I got coaching from experts who had already accomplished what I wanted to accomplish, who could tell me exactly how to get there—where my logic was flawed, where I was leaving money on the table, etc.

Since my time as a practicing chiropractor, I have been able to create an incredibly successful online health website (, a supplement company (Ancient Nutrition), an online health school, a top downloaded podcast, and a number of best-selling books.

I truly believe that if I wouldn’t have invested in spending time with these leaders and mentors, I wouldn’t have had the success I’ve had.

Instead of spending time trying to build my business from scratch and dealing with daily poor decisions that led to repeated mistakes, I was able to build off the shoulders of others that have gone before me, and grow at a pace which I didn’t think was possible. 

As Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

I made a commitment to invest time and finances every year to get around other high level leaders, to brainstorm with them on how to up-level my business and life. 

Most people never take the time to invest in themselves and to get around the right people. 

Remember this principle, you become who you surround yourself with. WHO are you spending time around? 

On May 6th, I will be hosting a group of elite health entrepreneurs in Nashville, TN to grow together and learn the strategies that build a wildly successful company and life.

The purpose of this event is to develop leaders with big vision, and then teach the tactical parts of growing a successful company.

And even more importantly, to build a community of “iron sharpens iron” that stands shoulder to shoulder in our mission to change the world.

Topics we will strategize on:

Transitioning Online

Creating World Class Content

Social Media Strategy

Building Your Personal Brand

Hiring and Firing Teams

Scaling from 1M to 100M

Investing (Family & Business)

Operations and Systems

Building a Marketing Funnel


Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Building an Online Course

Replacing Yourself

Exiting a Business (w/ a multiple)

Culture Building

Empowering Teams

Organic Traffic and Paid


Building a Sellable Business

Funnel Building & Optimization

Email Marketing & Delivery

Event Details

Friday, May 6th, 2022


Wellspire Center
Nashville, Tennessee

Thursday Vip Session + Lunch w/ Josh Axe

For a limited time, we are offering 10 VIP's to join Josh with his private mastermind on Thursday (May 5th) from 1PM-5pm. You will also be joining Josh for lunch on friday.

Order Summary
Axe Mastermind Event Ticket

Get direct coaching from me on exactly what it takes to grow into a $1 million dollar business (and far beyond that)

Learn from the best, including top business coaches, marketing professionals, and sales consultants in the world

Meet other elite entrepreneurs who will push you to achieve far beyond what you thought possible

Discover the proven formula to building your online influence and going viral on social media

Create the "Ultimate Brand Marketing Plan" so you'll never again find yourself bouncing from agency to agency

Member Stories

Hear from some of the leaders that experienced our Mastermind.

Jason Hammond - Surgeon, Personality, Inventor

Heather Elton - Brick and Mortar Functional Med

Scott Stachalek - Chiropractor


IMPORTANT: *Limited to 17 Tickets Only

Where will you be 1 year from now?

Will you still be spinning your wheels? Will you still be feeling stuck, feeling frustrated and hopelessly wondering what it's going to take to shift gears to the next level in your business?

I want to see you have the biggest possible impact on the world. And that's why I created this conference. By the end, here's what will happen:


You'll Know How to Scale

You'll know the secrets to scaling a business from $500k to $10 million and beyond (it takes growing in BOTH leadership AND strategy—and we'll show you how to do both at the conference)


You'll Focus On Your Strengths

You'll understand how to stop checking off tasks, and start working in your greatest area of strength—which is the most important thing you can possibly do if you want your business to grow


Know How to Master Your Home Life

You'll have a strategy for mastering your home life—so your relationships with your spouse and children will be a source of inspiration, and you'll never again worry about balancing work with family


Proven 4-Step Success Formula

You'll walk away with my personal 4-step formula I've used to explode the revenue in ALL my businesses (entrepreneurs have paid $10,000's for this alone in consulting fees) 


Powerful Connections

You'll leave with powerful new connections and friendships with people who are going to push you to be your best—you will ALWAYS become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time around

In a single day, you'll learn how to shift gears in your business at a level you never thought possible. When you discover your greatest skill set, and you start finally spending most of your time on that, everything changes.

I created this mastermind to bring together people who are on mission to change the world, hungry to grow, and ready to step into their true calling as a LEADER. We believe money is the result of massive impact. When we create massive impact...we multiply the money and resources in our businesses.

If you are truly on a mission to change the world, don't settle for less than the BIG purpose God has given you.

Meet me in Nashville on May 4th and let's 10x your results. The best is yet to come!

Curious what the event will be like?

Here's a sneak peek of one of our PRIVATE Infinite Mastermind coaching calls: